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October 12, 2020

Sarah Iannarone for Mayor releases new TV and digital advertisement

“Mayor Sarah” is a 30 second TV commercial paid for by Friends of Sarah for Portland. Dominant contributors: Open and Accountable Elections, Dr. Julian Bell (Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists)). The new ad will begin airing this week on television and online for voters in Portland.

The ad begins with Ted Wheeler saying directly to the camera, “I’m sorry,” a clip from a Wheeler press conference last month where Portland’s current Mayor admitted responsibility for the police violence in Portland and acknowledged the mistake of going it alone.

“Ted Wheeler is sorry,” says Sarah Iannarone in a voiceover. “Sorry he tear gassed moms and dads, sorry he didn’t build more housing, sorry he took illegal campaign contributions… but he’s really sorry he didn’t get away with it.”

“No more sorries,” the candidate says.

“I’m Sarah Iannarone and I’m running for Mayor,” she says, smiling in front of Tilikum Crossing bridge, the car-free pedestrian and transit bridge which features prominently in her campaign logo. “I’m an educator and small business founder. I’ve got plans for Housing for All, a Green New Deal, and Real Economic Recovery.”

As she stands in front of a crowd of supporters wearing masks and waving Sarah for Mayor signs, Iannarone says, “This election, let’s switch from Mayor Sorry, to Mayor Sarah.” She smiles as the commercial ends with her supporters letting out an enthusiastic cheer.

The ad can be viewed online at

Two 15 second versions of the ad will run on digital media, in addition to the 30 second version which will air on television.

In a statement about the ad, Campaign Director Gregory McKelvey said, “We’re excited to show the contrast between the candidates in this election. The choice could not be more clear: Portland cannot sustain four more years of failure to address our most pressing issues. The current Mayor is sorry he went it alone. Sarah is the leader Portland is rallying behind.”