Nuestra ciudad. Nuestro futuro. Nuestra eleccion.

September 15, 2020

Tactical Optimism Can Beat the Status Quo

Team Sarah is strong, and getting stronger. We believe in a vision of Portland that works for every neighbor and every community. #OurPortland is standing together to choose optimism in this moment where so many of us are feeling fear and helplessness. This week, I’m proud to present to you just a few of the many incredible endorsers of this historic, grassroots campaign for Portland Mayor.

(titles listed for identification purposes only)

In addition, I’m also endorsed by great organizations that represent progressive values:

We have eight weeks until the election. We’re still up against big donors and our current Mayor who will say and do anything to win. I need your highest level of support. Please ask your friends on social media and email to:

Endorse progressive change - join Cameron, Khanh, and the thousands of others on #TeamSarah - add your name!

Volunteer to grow this movement - join the hundreds actively giving time - we especially need phone bank captains to help with the huge influx of new volunteers.

Donate to make history - we’re poised to break a record for the number of individual donors. Our end of month deadline is just 15 days away! Help us reach our goal!

We can do this, Portland.


Sarah Iannarone
Candidate for Portland Mayor