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October 19, 2020

Sarah Iannarone Launches Undecided Voter Hotline

Today Sarah Iannarone, Candidate for Portland Mayor, unveiled a new effort to help undecided voters choose how to vote in the Portland Mayoral election. The Undecided Voter Hotline is a phone service voters can call and text to help make their decision. It is accessible via telephone call or text at 503-483-6797 from 11:00AM to 7:00PM.

In a statement, Sarah Iannarone said, “Since we launched the campaign, I’ve been available to voters for ten minute phone calls - and I’ve spoken directly to hundreds of voters in that time. Seeing the recent polling which has this election very close, I realized it was time again to ask the community about their concerns. I’m opening the Undecided Voter Hotline to the community: bring us your questions and concerns, and as always, we’ll think through the right choices to make together.

The new hotline operates from 11am to 7pm every day between now and election day. The number can receive calls or texts, and the campaign is committed to having a staff person, volunteer, or even Sarah herself answer questions directly.

Sarah added, “My opponent has decided to make his closing argument entirely negative, using right-wing dog whistles and calling me unintelligent. Fortunately, I’ve got a thick skin, and I know my strength is in community. I look forward to having the direct conversations with voters that break through Wheeler’s corporate smear campaign and help us win the bold plan for progress I’ve articulated throughout the campaign.”

Portland voters can call or text the hotline between 11am and 7pm. Portland voters who are undecided are encouraged to reach out.

The campaign also offers the following resources for undecided voters: