Nuestra ciudad. Nuestro futuro. Nuestra eleccion.
The #OurPortland Podcast
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The #OurPortland Podcast

Join Portland Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone as she discusses the pressing issues facing Portland and the solutions we can put in place today to start solving them.


  1. 5/18/2020
    Workers’ Rights are Workers’ Rights w/ Brodie Grody
    Sarah joined dancer and sex worker advocate Brodie Grody / @brodiegrody on Instagram Live to discuss freelancer rights, tenant rights, and the stigmatization of sex work.
  2. 5/18/2020
    The True Cost of Status Quo w/ Chris O’Connor
    Sarah joined public defender Chris O’Connor / @ChristopOConnor on Twitter to discuss the true financial and human cost of continuing with the current criminal justice status quo.
  3. 5/18/2020
    Working and Living in a Sustainable City w/ Kat Stevens
    Sarah joined health care analyst and working mom Kat Stevens / @kittiepryde on Instagram Live to discuss what it would take to make Portland a sustainable city where people can live and work.
  4. 5/18/2020
    A Compassionate Response to Homelessness w/ Elliott Young
    Sarah joined professor Elliott Young / @elliottyoungpdx on Twitter to discuss the value of listening to people experiencing homelessness when developing a compassionate response to our ongoing housing crisis.
  5. 5/17/2020
    Pushing for a Green New Deal w/ Suzie Kassouf
    Sarah joined educator and climate activist Suzie Kassouf / @rememberingforgetting on Instagram Live to discuss pushing for a Green New Deal in Portland.
  6. 5/17/2020
    Talk Less, Walk More w/ Ian Karmel
    Sarah joined comedian Ian Karmel / @iankarmel on Instagram Live to discuss keeping Portland affordable and leadership that does less talking, more walking.
  7. 5/17/2020
    Passion and Issues w/ Michael Fuller
    Sarah joined Michael Fuller / @UnderdogLawBlog on Twitter to discuss the role of the City Attorney and how Portlanders would benefit from leadership motivated by passion and issues rather than budgets and directives.
  8. 5/16/2020
    Fostering Portland’s Artistic Community w/ Chris Funk
    Sarah joined musician Chris Funk / @criticalfunk on Instagram Live to discuss fostering the artistic community in Portland.
  9. 5/16/2020
    Municipal Support for Small Business w/ Rick Turoczy
    Sarah joined Rick Turoczy of PIE to discuss how the City of Portland can best support our startup and small business communities.
  10. 5/16/2020
    Combating Traffic Violence with Urgency w/ Michelle DuBarry
    Sarah joined Michelle DuBarry / @DuBarryPie on Twitter to discuss Portland’s epidemic of traffic violence and how to combat it with urgency.