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October 12, 2020

Climate Leaders Endorse Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor

Today, Mayoral Candidate Sarah Iannarone released a slate of climate leader endorsements headlined by Bill McKibben, Former City Commissioner Steve Novick, Mayor Mark Gamba, Representative Karin Power, and Democratic State House Nominee Khan Pham. Other prominent climate leaders endorsing Iannarone include:

Organizations listed solely for identification purposes and does not imply organizational endorsement

In a statement, author and activist Bill McKibben said, “I support Sarah because I know that she believes in justice and will fight for it. Sarah has the skills and the vision to make justice a reality in Portland.”

Khanh Pham, Democratic Nominee for House District 46, said, “Climate disasters are happening all around us. Sarah has consistently supported climate justice. She will be a great climate champion in City Hall.” Pham was one of the driving spokespeople for the Portland Clean Energy Fund, which the current mayor opposed on behalf of the Portland Business Alliance.

Former Portland City Councilor Steve Novick stated, “As Vince Lombardi said, climate isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. I support Sarah because she plans to prohibit natural gas in new homes and other construction, which is a critical step toward phasing out fossil fuels. We would join San Jose, Berkeley, and Brookline, Massachusetts as leaders on this issue.”

Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba added that, “Unprecedented times call for fresh leadership. We must powerfully address Climate Chaos, Systematic Racism, and a tyrannical federal system. Sarah is the leader I trust to get this done.”

Sarah Iannarone expressed honor and gratitude for the endorsements, stating “The Green New Deal for Portland plan was the first policy proposal I released because the climate is a foundational issue that connects every inequity and crisis we face as human beings. From ending militarism to holding corporations accountable, from clean energy to labor exploitation - climate action is our pathway to racial, social, and economic justice.”