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The Portland Mercury, in their endorsement: “Perhaps most impressive are Iannarone’s extensive policy proposals for Portland—detailed, data-informed documents informed by area experts and promising straightforward improvements to city programs. ...Iannarone’s proposals give us a peek at what kind of intention and research would go into her leadership decisions.“

Blueprint to the First 100 Days of Mayor Iannarone

  • Place Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty in charge of the Portland Police Bureau
  • Authorize the city to begin purchasing and rehabilitating hotels and motels into hundreds of units of permanently affordable housing
  • Establish a community-based small business center to help small businesses navigate and recover from the COVID-19 crisis
  • Initiate a “climate test,” to weigh the climate impacts of every policy Portland considers
  • Sign the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income pledge

Housing For All

  • Launch a five year strategic plan to end the Housing State of Emergency
  • Support and protect a Tenant’s Bill of Rights and work to prevent evictions
  • Accelerate building of truly-affordable housing with money we already have
  • Lead a progressive revenue process to ensure the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share to address the crisis

Rethinking Public Safety

  • Expand innovative programs like Portland Street Response
  • Stop the displacement of marginalized community members
  • Create neighborhood safety hubs to meet our needs in the next disaster
  • Accelerate the work of ensuring safe streets for everyone
  • Stop throwing good money after bad in the Portland Police Bureau

Economic Resilience

  • Establish a Director of Small Business & Entrepreneurship in the Mayor's office
  • Invest marijuana tax revenue in communities impacted by the War on Drugs
  • Replace the Arts Tax with an equitable funding source that helps our arts community thrive
  • Support our parks by bundling art and community safety funds to establish community safety hubs and childcare centers

Community Action to Mitigate COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Adopt a coordinated disaster response team approach and establish an Office of Community Resilience
  • Ensure rapid emergency support for small business owners, their employees, and other COVID-impacted low- and moderate-wage hourly workers
  • Maintain a moratorium on residential and commercial evictions and on sweeps of houseless camps
  • Ensure we meet the food, shelter and supply needs of quarantining Portlanders to maintain wellness

Disability Justice

  • Make the City of Portland government universally accessible for all providing the disabled a chance to be engaged
  • Enforce and expand housing rights not covered by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Promote leadership of people with disabilities so the community can lead for themselves
  • Ensure “nothing about us without us” is Portland’s policymaking philosophy

Community-Based Gun Violence Prevention

  • Follow the leadership of impacted people, primarily youth of color, on Gun Violence Prevention (GVP)
  • Ensure we do not target BIPOC communities through this work, avoiding repeating historical abuses and police profiling
  • Create city standards on public building lockdowns to reduce alarmism and trauma while keeping schools and gathering places prepared
  • Invest in youth peer intervention to empower young people to solve this problem for each other

Good Government, For the People

  • Get big money out of politics to ensure honest, inclusive elections
  • Create municipal broadband as a public utility and establish a public bank
  • Invest in guaranteed income for the most vulnerable people in our city
  • Engage every Portlander in a robust process to reform our outdated form of government

A Green New Deal for #OurPortland

  • Declare a climate emergency, act with urgency, and center impacted communities
  • Implement a climate action test for all new city policies and infrastructure
  • Reach carbon neutrality by 2030, accelerating green energy goals
  • Fight for universal access to fareless transit for all Portlanders

Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot

  • Fund a pilot GBI program through philanthropy, private investment, and existing revenue reallocation
  • Pilot a 12 month program to offer 125 Black Portland mothers $1,000 monthly for one year
  • Voluntarily track outcomes with the intention of demonstrating the improved life outcomes we see in other cities
  • Ensure recipients receive GBI as value added, not in place of other social services, benefit payments, or other means tested programs
  • Utilize resources reclaimed from failed and wasteful programs and bureaus to create greater tangible benefits for GBI recipients
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