Our City. Our Future. Our Choice.

Blueprint to the First 100 Days of Mayor Iannarone

As we prepare to transition into power, Sarah is commited to take bold action immediately.

From day one of her campaign, Sarah has said that we as Portlanders have everything we need today to make substantial progress on the challenges facing our city. We can harness our resources, empower our people, and organize our community to bring the civic infrastructure of Our Portland into alignment with our goals. But the current Portland mayor’s office has proven mismanaged, non-communicative, and ineffective at addressing our city’s most pressing problems in a timely fashion.

The First 100 Days of Sarah’s administration will be focused on how Portland’s next mayor can better coordinate and calibrate the activities of her office, the other commissioners, the twenty-nine city offices and bureaus, and our relationships with outside agencies and governments to achieve real progress on racial justice, housing affordability, homelessness, climate change, and wealth inequality.

Sarah doesn’t see the role of Portland mayor as a corporate CEO; a mayor’s job is to keep corporate CEOs and other high-level leaders in check. As the next mayor, Sarah will be Portland’s community problem solver-in-chief, and facilitator of the many community stakeholders and organizations working hard to improve Portland.

The process to transition from campaign to elected official is one Sarah is excited to undertake, but understands governance is a different endeavour. Sarah is not a career politician, she is a policy nerd who understands local government and works hard bringing people together for better outcomes. The Blueprint outlines how Sarah will go about implementing the many detailed policy proposals that make up her bold Plan for Progress.

Sarah’s workflow will be:

  1. Set the vision and goals in tandem with community
  2. Develop a feasible plan to achieve the goals
  3. Put systems in place to make sure that we, as a city, progress towards the goals even as other unexpected priorities come up, as they undoubtedly will
  4. Establish three votes on council required for such policy victories
  5. Evaluate, adjust as needed, and persevere until we, as a community, achieve success on said bold vision

Transition: November 4-December 31, 2020

As Mayor-Elect, Sarah commits to:

Day One Eve: December 31, 2020

Day One: January 1, 2021

Make immediate changes within the Mayor’s control:

Week One: January 4-10, 2021

First Three Months

The first three months in office will be a key period for kicking off the mayor’s big picture and multi-bureau agenda. Some processes will take years to complete and Sarah plans to respect their urgency by starting those processes quickly upon entering City Hall. The list below is not exhaustive, but offers a roadmap to how Sarah’s administration will approach complex problems facing Our Portland.

Housing & Houselessness

Climate Justice & Green New Deal

Youth Services & Education

Safe Streets & Mobility Justice

Economic Justice

Gun Violence Prevention

COVID Response & Recovery

Civil & Human Rights

Arts & Culture

Good Government & Charter Commission

Completion of 100th day in Office: April 10, 2021

“City Hall Open House and Community Summit” updating the public on progress made under the First 100 Days of Sarah’s administration. The public will be able to see and evaluate tangible evidence of the first steps of a major transformation in Portland’s provision of services and administration of the public good. Some changes can be and will be immediate, especially for our most vulnerable community members and those directly impacted by our most pressing crises. For more substantive, longer term advancements, Sarah commits to taking concrete first steps and laying out a clear path forward to successfully roll out a new vision for our City and all of the people who call Portland home.

This First 100 Day Plan is a roadmap, not a binding contract. This document is not exhaustive, and there are many policy shifts Mayor Sarah will begin work on as soon as elected that aren’t necessarily included here.

Sarah makes the following guarantee to the City: "As Mayor, I pledge that my decision making will be done through collective and inclusive processes. I will not operate alone or oppose the popular will of Portlanders. The people of Portland are the right people to make decisions about the future of our city - not just by electing me Mayor, but by holding me accountable to do what I say I will do. And while my Plan for Progress is important to me, and important to Portland’s future, I will remain nimble in addressing all the ongoing crises our city faces and any that may emerge. I am committed to making sure the Portland’s mayor’s office functions efficiently and effectively by staying connected to and activating our city’s civic network. I will work hard to transcend politics and bring all Portlanders together to realize a truly progressive future for this wonderful place we call home."