Nuestra ciudad. Nuestro futuro. Nuestra eleccion.

Sarah often makes public statements sent directly to the news media. These are archived here so you can see the kind of character Sarah brings to this work.

Blog Entries

  1. 10/30/2020

    Senator Bernie Sanders endorses Sarah Iannarone for Mayor

    Late Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders updated his list of endorsements of “progressive, down-ballot candidates” to include Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor.

  2. 10/29/2020

    Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty endorses Sarah Iannarone for Mayor

    Today, Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty announced her endorsement of Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor.

  3. 10/28/2020

    Sarah Iannarone to Testify at City Council

    Sarah Iannarone, candidate for Portland Mayor, will testify to compel the Mayor and other Councilors who are so far uncommitted to take decisive action that supports a widely-held community priority.

  4. 10/28/2020

    Mayor Ted Wheeler Can’t Name a Lents Restaurant

    In a Tuesday night conversation with the Lents Neighborhood Association, Mayor Ted Wheeler was asked what his favorite restaurant in Lents was. His answer left everyone shaking their heads.

  5. 10/26/2020

    An Open Letter to Mayor Wheeler on Police, Houselessness, and Housing

    This letter presents three concrete steps you can take to address the outrageous over policing of houseless people and the corresponding massive waste.

  6. 10/24/2020

    Sarah Iannarone Releases Disability Justice Platform

    Today, Sarah Iannarone, candidate for Portland Mayor, released a policy on Disability Justice, a set of proposals and commitments to advance civil and human rights for people with disabilities.

  7. 10/23/2020

    Statement Regarding Today's Court Hearing

    A statement from Sarah 2020 regarding today's ruling regarding Ted Wheeler's illegal $150,000 loan to his own campaign

  8. 10/21/2020

    Sarah Iannarone Releases Blueprint for First 100 Days

    Responding to the questions of undecided voters, Sarah Iannarone, Candidate for Mayor, today released A Blueprint for the First 100 Days of her administration.

  9. 10/20/2020

    Statement Regarding Budget Work Session at City Hall

    Today at City Council, Mayor Ted Wheeler opposed Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty’s call to put more money into community hunger reduction programming.

  10. 10/19/2020

    Sarah Iannarone Launches Undecided Voter Hotline

    Today Sarah Iannarone, Candidate for Portland Mayor, unveiled a new effort to help undecided voters choose how to vote in the Portland Mayoral election.