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August 30, 2020

Statement on Saturday’s Downtown Homicide

While facts are limited, what we do know is that one individual is dead at the hands of another on the streets of Portland. This violence is unacceptable, and I condemn it in absolute terms. Unfortunately, this violence was predicted by many but preventable by those in positions of power.

For months, our city has been ripped apart. Little progress has been made transforming our Police Bureau even as calls for racial justice ring out during the largest civil rights uprising in a generation. We have seen images of armed, right-wing agitators from Donald Trump’s forces to white nationalist activists terrorizing our streets and attacking those who believe Black Lives Matter. All of these factors lead us to this sad moment where bloodshed is needlessly spilled in our streets.

No one should die on Portland’s streets due to any form of violence. As gun violence, political violence, and police violence continue to plague our community we must all come together to condemn such action and heal our community through not just nonviolent action and condemnation of attacks, but also through real transformative progress in our city. The unrest will not end until there is a long due reckoning with the polarization, racism, and inaction that has festered for too long. We cannot gas, beat, shoot and arrest our way to healing. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, do the hard work, and make this city one that works for all.

It is clear that regardless of the circumstances, more violence is possible. I fear that Black and Brown Portlanders could bear the brunt of this violence. We must look out for our neighbors and keep each other safe.

I am committed to leading our city in the hard work required for restorative healing and transformative change. It will not be easy, but it is long overdue. Portland is resilient and strong. We will get through this together, as a community.