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September 1, 2020

Community Makes It Possible

Dear Portland,

After 90 days of Ted refusing to work with Portlanders, countless people have been hurt, and a life was tragically lost on our streets. When a reporter asked Wheeler why it’s taken 90 days of ongoing demonstrations for him to seek community support, our current Mayor said, “I tried to do it alone.” And now Wheeler is asking for help from Donald Trump - as though Portland hasn’t been through his version of “help” before. Wheeler really doesn’t understand what this City needs, because he’s disconnected from our daily reality.

The best part of leading this campaign is working with my team, community members, and other experts from the global community of urban policy wonks. I’m so proud of what we’ve built using only small donations and Open and Accountable Elections funding. We’re on track to have the most donors, and the most volunteers, of any campaign for Mayor in Portland history. I know I could never do this alone. I can't wait to be your Mayor.

I need your help this Saturday - undecided voters need to hear from my supporters directly, and we’re holding a volunteer appreciation event to gather our crew, thank you for what you’ve done, and get you connected to the campaign poised to win this election.

Will you join us Saturday, invite some friends, and help us grow #TeamSarah?

The problems of poverty are only worsened by COVID, the recession, and aren’t helped by public dollars wasted on tear gas instead of meals and shelter. Nobody knows more about cleaning up a mess than moms. I know we’re in a rough spot as a city, and as a country. But we have everything we need to get through this. We just need each other.

Please, join us Saturday and let’s make sure community is part of the solution.


Sarah Iannarone
Candidate for Portland Mayor