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September 6, 2020

Sarah Pushes Back on Ted Wheeler's Lies

In response to Ted Wheeler's interview in the Oregonian, published today, Sarah Iannarone, candidate for Portland Mayor, released the following statement:

Ted Wheeler recognizes the community is unified in our opposition to police violence, particularly following last night’s brutal gassing of innocent people in East Portland neighborhoods, people who were trying to sleep in their own homes. In today’s Oregonian interview, Wheeler repeats Fox News talking points and accuses me of condoning violence - yet another man putting words in my mouth instead of listening to what I have said. It takes two minutes of searching to find my direct statements saying "of course I condemn it." I've been decrying police violence for even longer, because the unequal enforcement of the law was the originating act of violence that sparked these protests. Peaceful protests are supposed to lead to reform, rather than inaction. Despite sustained peaceful protests the Mayor has refused common sense reforms like putting Commissioner Hardesty in charge of PPB - action I guarantee I will take on Day One of my administration. The Mayor has decided to lie in an attempt to salvage his chances in this election, but Portland isn’t stupid. We don’t buy the lies of entitled, out-of-touch businessmen. Voters are going to get Ted Wheeler out of our way and build a 21st century public safety system that equally enforces the law and stops throwing good money after bad in the bloated and ineffective PPB budget.