Our City. Our Future. Our Choice.

Sarah often makes public statements sent directly to the news media. These are archived here so you can see the kind of character Sarah brings to this work.

Blog Entries

  1. 9/21/2020

    Black Leaders Endorse Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor

    Today, Mayoral Candidate Sarah Iannarone released a slate of endorsements headlined by former Multnomah County Commissioner and Portland City Council Candidate Loretta Smith.

  2. 9/15/2020

    Tactical Optimism Can Beat the Status Quo

    I’m proud to present to you just a few of the many incredible endorsers of this historic, grassroots campaign for Portland Mayor.

  3. 9/14/2020

    Campaign Deserves Coverage

    My campaign is breaking grass-roots fund-raising records. In any election, these are key metrics to demonstrate viability, and I surpass Wheeler.

  4. 9/10/2020

    Statement on Tear Gas Ban

    A day after he learned that 2/3rds of Portlanders disapprove of his performance, he takes an action we have been demanding since May.

  5. 9/6/2020

    Sarah Pushes Back on Ted Wheeler's Lies

    Wheeler repeats Fox News talking points and accuses me of condoning violence — yet another man putting words in my mouth instead of listening to what I have said.

  6. 9/1/2020

    Community Makes It Possible

    When a reporter asked Wheeler why it’s taken 90 days of ongoing demonstrations for him to seek community support, our current Mayor said, “I tried to do it alone.”

  7. 8/30/2020

    Statement on Saturday’s Downtown Homicide

    While facts are limited, what we do know is that one individual is dead at the hands of another on the streets of Portland. This violence is unacceptable, and I condemn it in absolute terms. Unfortunately, this violence was predicted by many but preventable by those in positions of power.

  8. 8/23/2020

    Statement on Biased Law Enforcement

    When the law does not apply equally to everyone, it is not a law, but a privilege for those who don't face enforcement. The President’s lawlessness inspires his supporters to act with impunity. Our current Mayor’s disregard for the law trickles down into the Police he oversees.

  9. 8/19/2020

    The Real Threat

    I fear for Portland if we allow Ted Wheeler to stroll to re-election. Portland is crying out for leadership that isn’t afraid to tell anyone they’re wrong. I believe I am the right woman for the job of leading us through this mess: a progressive, publicly-funded, Portland State-educated expert in urban policy who doesn’t pull punches or play politics as usual.

  10. 8/13/2020

    Statement on Bombing of Laurelhurst Park

    As we remember the anniversary of Charlottesville, we're damn lucky Portland is not mourning another Heather Heyer.