Our City. Our Future. Our Choice.

September 25, 2020

Protect The Vulnerable

Dear Portland,

On Monday, I participated in an interview with the Oregonian alongside our current mayor, and I was shocked at what I heard. Ted Wheeler threatened to take resources away from handling our houselessness crisis. Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury responded to his outrageous remarks saying Wheeler's "threat to undo the progress this community has made, and risk services for thousands of people, is merely a desperate attempt to win a contentious reelection campaign.”

We can’t sustain four more years of Ted Wheeler’s go-it-alone attitude. We’re stronger together, with our relationships powering our policy. I stand with Chair Kafoury and the thousands of houseless individuals who benefit from the Joint Office of Homeless Services in demanding our City does not divest from this vital public service at the core of Portland’s most obvious street-level crisis. Houselessness impacts all of us and this is no time for political games.

Coming together for hard conversations is just and necessary, especially in times of social upheaval and transformation. I am ready to facilitate the people of Portland assuming direct control over our city. I need your support to get me there. Please, make a donation in any amount today to help me reach voters who don’t know about Wheeler’s record of failure. This city needs a leader with courage, community ties, and who values compassion over ego.


Sarah Iannarone
Candidate for Portland Mayor

PS: White nationalists are coming to Portland this weekend, and so far the Mayor has done precious little to defend our city from this invasion. Early this morning I posted a list of demands on how we deal with volatile situations like this - concrete actions our city will take under my leadership, and that our current Mayor needs to take immediately. Read more at sarah2020.com/proudboysrally.