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September 28, 2020

Civil Rights Leaders Endorse Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor

Today, Mayoral Candidate Sarah Iannarone released a slate of civil and human rights endorsements headlined by National Black Lives Matter activist and Campaign Zero Founder Deray Mckesson. Other prominent civil rights leaders endorsing Iannarone include:

Organizations listed solely for identification purposes and does not imply organizational endorsement

At a time in which civil rights are under attack both locally and nationally, these endorsements showcase the civil rights leaders who trust Sarah Iannarone to protect our fundamental rights, stand against police brutality, uphold community well-being, and stand against attacks on the most marginalized members of our society. Many of these endorsements come from lawyers actively litigating locally and federally to protect the rights of anti-fascist protesters and put a halt to egregious acts of state and vigilante violence. Others are leaders in building community that stands as one in support of Black Lives Matter.

In a statement, National Black Lives Matter activist and Campaign Zero Founder Deray Mckesson said, “I support Sarah because I know that she believes in justice and will fight for it. Sarah has the skills and the vision to make justice a reality in Portland.”

Bobbin Singh stated, “Portland relies on outdated public safety programs. Sarah recognizes that true safety is about community well-being. Mayor Sarah's approach to criminal justice will save lives.”

Former Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon and PCC Board Member, Valdez Bravo stated, “In the Army, they taught us to leave no one behind. Sarah has prioritized emergency support for small business owners, their employees, and other COVID-impacted low- and moderate-wage hourly workers during the pandemic. She will enact policies and programs that benefit all Portlanders.”

Sarah Iannarone expressed honor and gratitude for the endorsements stating, “I look forward to working with these individuals and many more in ensuring Portlanders’ civil and human rights are protected. These fundamental rights are at risk in America, and they’re on the ballot in this election. While Donald Trump maligns antifascist protesters, Ted Wheeler’s police brutalize journalists and cooperate with Trump’s secret police and outside agitators like the Proud Boys. If I am elected, I will stand with Portlanders against the fascist creep. We all deserve a city that meets our needs and listens to our concerns, free from state-sanctioned brutality.”