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September 30, 2020

Ted Wheeler Posts $150,000 Contribution, Breaking Election Law Again

Last night Ted Wheeler admitted that he loaned his own campaign $150,000 two weeks ago - a flagrantly illegal use of his own personal fortune to finance an election for Mayor.

The city charter is clear: “A Candidate or Candidate Committee may receive only the following Contributions during any Election Cycle: … (3) A loan balance of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) from the candidate;”

Wheeler’s loan to his own campaign is a blatant violation of the City Charter and election laws that over 87% of Portlanders voted to adopt. He’s trying to buy this election with his inheritance. He knows the people of Portland are ready to unseat him.

Ted Wheeler continues to violate laws designed to keep our elections free of corporate influence. After countless fines from the City Auditor, the Mayor has shown us that he believes himself above the law. This desperate attempt to buy an election must not be overlooked.

Wheeler is supposed to be the top law enforcement officer in the City. He’s shown himself incapable of following the law, and incapable of enforcing the law equally. We must vote him out of office in the November 3rd election. Before then, we must hold him accountable for his crimes.

There are two things you can do right now: number 1 - tell everyone you know that the current Mayor of Portland is breaking the law - again - to try to cling to power. This is absolutely unacceptable, illegal, and unethical.