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Portland, This is our Chance

Portland, This is Our Chance

My name is Sarah Iannarone (she/her) and I'm a mom, good neighbor, and urban policy wonk. For the past twenty years I have dedicated my life to making Portland the best place it can be and sharing what I’ve learned with other cities around the globe. I am uniquely positioned to be the visionary leader our city needs at this critical time.

Portlanders have everything we need to make radical progress TODAY on emergencies like climate chaos, housing affordability, and staggering inequality. We can harness our resources, empower our people, and organize our communities into a formidable force for change, but we need leadership that believes in us.

Portland, this is our chance. Are you ready to build a different future together? Sign-up to volunteer and donate to our people-powered, publicly-financed campaign to take back #OurPortland in 2020!

Here is my Vision for Portland

For too long, Portland’s leaders have talked about a more equitable, sustainable future but have failed to act with the necessary urgency and resources to truly achieve it.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, coalitions of progressive community groups organized around issues of civic and environmental importance to shift the trajectory of this city. Through a series of hard fought and narrowly won victories, they enacted significant reforms to catapult Portland onto the global stage as a “green leader.”

Unfortunately, too often the reality for most Portlanders doesn’t live up to the hype. And where we have made progress, most of the benefits of the last forty years have accrued to white property-owners living in close-in neighborhoods. For the rest of Portland, rents are rising, commute times lengthening, and inequities—racial, economic, and geographic—continue to grow.

The time has come to reclaim our history of community-led innovation to create a new Portland that works for all of us. From here on out, we must incorporate climate action and racial justice and equity into everything we do acting with urgency, focus, and sustainable funding streams to achieve the goals for better living that we have established as a community.

Because Portland is only as

In these dynamic times, we will face many challenges— political, economic, and climate-related. When we do, an inclusive, cohesive community will be our first line of defense. To accomplish the vibrant, prosperous, connected city we have envisioned, we are going to take dramatic action to shift course and actually put these ideas into action, driven by clear goals and indicators of success.

We will continue rolling out policies as the election unfolds, keep checking back for updates.