Our City. Our Future. Our Choice.

Portland, This is our Chance

Vote Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor

My name is Sarah Iannarone (she/her). I'm a mother, civic leader, and educator running for Portland Mayor. I have worked for decades to make Portland the best it can be, running a successful small business, volunteering in my community, and using my urban planning expertise to shape a better future through local government action.

Portlanders are committed to an equitable, sustainable future, but our city is falling short of our goals. We’re not seeing the solutions we were promised by the current mayor to homelessness, climate action, affordability, or inequality: on his watch, things keep getting worse.

I’m offering a different approach. My priority in City Hall will be listening to the people of Portland, not big-money donors. We must harness our resources, empower our people, and organize our communities into a formidable force for change, but we can’t do it without leadership that believes in us.

Portland, this is our chance. I’m asking for your vote-- let’s build a better future together.

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