Our City. Our Future. Our Choice.
The #OurPortland Podcast
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The #OurPortland Podcast

Join Portland Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone as she discusses the pressing issues facing Portland and the solutions we can put in place today to start solving them.


  1. 5/15/2020
    Comedy and Contribution Caps w/ Andie Main
    Sarah joined Andie Main / @andiemain on Instagram Live to discuss how the incumbent’s rhetoric matches his record.
  2. 5/15/2020
    Our Global Leadership Responsibility w/ Mike Schneider
    Sarah joined Mike Schneider / @blcksmth on Instagram Live to discuss Portland’s role as a global leader.
  3. 5/14/2020
    Rebuilding Our Civic Fabric w/ Mohanad Elshieky
    Sarah joined Mohanad Elshieky / @mohanad.elshieky on Instagram Live to discuss rebuilding Portland’s civic fabric.
  4. 5/14/2020
    Craft Cannabis w/ Emma Chasen
    Sarah joined Emma Chasen / @emmachasen on Instagram Live to discuss Portland’s craft cannabis industry.
  5. 5/13/2020
    A New Municipal Politics w/ Lucy Bellwood
    Sarah joins Lucy Bellwood / @lubellwoo on Instagram Live to discuss building a new accessible, inclusive municipal politics.
  6. 5/8/2020
    Get Out The Vote w/ Ciara Pressler
    We’re in the final stretch of the primary campaign! Sarah gives a few updates and talks with Ciara Pressler, founder of Pregame.
  7. 4/25/2020
    A Momentous Supreme Court Decision w/ James Ofsink
    Sarah comments on the KATU debate from earlier this week, and the rare rebuke of the incumbent by the city auditor’s office that followed. Then she and democracy activist James Ofsink discuss this week’s momentous decision by the Oregon Supreme Court that campaign contribution caps are constitutional after all.
  8. 4/14/2020
    Recovery & Resiliency Plan
    In this episode, Sarah announces her Recovery & Resiliency Plan: For a better Portland through and beyond the COVID crisis. The full policy can be found at sarah2020.com/recovery.
  9. 4/10/2020
    Unemployment Benefits for Sex Workers and Undocumented Workers
    It’s Friday night! Sarah cheers the city-run tent villages that are coming online for the current COVID-19 emergency, a program she has been calling for since the beginning of her campaign and would like to see stay online.
  10. 4/7/2020
    Just give me one thing that I can hold on to…
    Sarah begins this episode by wishing a fond farewell to beloved singer songwriter and folk hero John Prine, whom we lost to COVID-19 on Tuesday, reminding us all That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief.