Our City. Our Future. Our Choice.
The #OurPortland Podcast
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The #OurPortland Podcast

Join Portland Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone as she discusses the pressing issues facing Portland and the solutions we can put in place today to start solving them.


  1. 10/21/2020
    Guaranteed Basic Income w/ Scott Santens
    Sarah discusses her proposed Guaranteed Basic Income pilot and is later joined by Scott Santens, full-time advocate for Unconditional Basic Income.
  2. 8/17/2020
    Helping Youth Lead w/ Libra Forde
    Sarah is joined by Libra Forde, Chief Operating Officer at Self Enhancement, Inc., to discuss the courageous vision of today's youth, advocating for them, and letting young people lead.
  3. 8/10/2020
    Do. Do More. Do Better. w/ Stephen Green
    Sarah speaks with Stephen Green about his new initiative, Do. Do More. Do Better. centering the community, and making a commitment to being uncomfortable.
  4. 8/3/2020
    From Food Insecurity to Food Sovereignty w/ Eddie Hill
    Sarah speaks with Edward Hill, Co-Director of Black Food Sovereignty Coalition, about the current state of Portland's food systems.
  5. 7/27/2020
    Racism & Public Health w/ Leslie Gregory & Alexis Dinno
    Sarah talks with Leslie Gregory, Founder and Executive Director of Right To Health. Right To Health is a local non-profit working to have racism declared a public health crisis. Sarah then talks to Alexis Dinno, Associate Professor at OHSU-PSU School of Public Health about how all policy is health policy.
  6. 7/22/2020
    State of #OurPortland
    Sarah’s State of #OurPortland address, delivered on Saturday, July 18th, 2020. Video of her address is available online at https://sarah2020.com/state.
  7. 7/13/2020
    Black Resilience w/ Cameron Whitten
    A conversation with Cameron Whitten, co-founder of Portland’s Black Resilience Fund, some campaign updates, and Sarah’s thoughts on the current moment in the Black Lives Matter movement, including the violence being perpetrated on protesters by Portland Police and now federal troops as well.
  8. 5/19/2020
    The Tea w/ Gregory McKelvey
    Sarah joins campaign director Gregory McKelvey / @GregoryMcKelvey on Twitter to discuss the primary campaign.
  9. 5/19/2020
    Leading From The Heart w/ Judith Rizzio
    Sarah joins style activist Judith Rizzio / @outofourclosetpdx on Instagram Live to discuss being a woman in politics and why having women in leadership is so vital.
  10. 5/19/2020
    Turning Challenge into Opportunity w/ Simon Tam
    Sarah joins her friend Simon Tam / @SimonTheTam on Twitter to talk about how we can nourish Portland’s arts and culture during the coming COVID-19 recovery.